Extend Your Living Space

Extend Your Living Space

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Does your basement need to be finished? Are you ready to change the layout of your home? VIO Interior Concepts, Inc. completes interior remodeling projects in West Hempstead, NY and surrounding areas.

Whether your basement needs to be finished or your upstairs guest room needs to be remodeled, we can help. Hire us to tear down unwanted walls and closets for more living space, install new trim and replace your outdated flooring. Whatever interior remodeling work you need done, we have the tools and experience to handle it.

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Top 4 reasons to finish your basement

VIO Interior Concepts tackles basement renovations in West Hempstead, NY and surrounding areas. We can add insulation, framing and plumbing fixtures. Finishing your basement is beneficial because:

  1. You’ll have more storage space
  2. A new basement adds value to your home
  3. Adding drywall can reduce your energy bills
  4. You can create the room you want out of unused space

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